Are you paying too much? Compare now – switching your energy supplier with us just got easier.

Get instant comparisons for your electricity and gas tariffs. No more waiting, you can switch today!

We have relaunched our telephone switching service with our new partners, energyhelpline. Call us on 01752 477067 to find out how much you could save by finding your best energy tariff today. Have a bill handy, if available. If you don’t have a bill to hand, don’t worry, their advisors will support you through the process.

It’s a completely free and impartial service, and there is no obligation to switch. energyhelpline compare all tariffs on the market and you will always be advised of the cheapest deal available. You can ask if you’re looking for something specific, like a renewable energy tariff. Key/card users can switch too

Want to compare tariffs yourself online?

Use this link and you can check for the best tariffs yourself. Again it is free and impartial and you don’t have to switch. On the last page, click ‘See results’ to see your offers from all suppliers, the ones which say ‘Review Only’ are not available from us, but you can go directly to the supplier website to switch to it. Once you have chosen the tariff that you wish to switch to, just click and switch! This service is provided by our partners, My Utility Genius.

Why switch?

One of our key aims is to help residents of Plymouth to save money; so, we are helping people to switch to cheaper tariffs for their gas and electricity. If you’re one of the many people across the country that have never changed energy tariff or supplier, the chances are you’re paying more for your energy bills than you need to. You could save over £200. If you have switched before, it’s worth checking again, you can usually save too.

Energy companies provide a range of tariffs and there are many new energy suppliers in the market – it can all seem very confusing. However, switching to a different energy tariff or even a different supplier doesn’t need to be complicated, with most of the work being done for you. Spending just a few minutes of your time could help you save tens, if not hundreds, of pounds a year on your gas or electricity bills.

It’s not all about the money; it may matter to you how the energy you use is generated. 100% or partial renewable tariffs are becoming more affordable, our switching service will also be able to show you these options.

Quick tips

Here are some of our tips to help you save money this year:

  • Just because you pay for your energy via a key or card meter, it doesn’t mean that you can’t save money too. There are deals for key or card meter customers.
  • Don’t be afraid of suppliers you haven’t heard of before. They are all regulated by Ofgem, you can see where each company ranks on the UK’s 2015 customer satisfaction survey here. They may be less known because they don’t spend as much on advertising.
  • Pay by direct debit. Yes, it means that the energy company will receive your money without your explicit sign-off each month, but is it really worth spending an extra £80 a year for the privilege of being able to withhold payment?
  • Go paperless. You could save around an extra £10 a year if you opt to receive electronic bills rather than paper ones. Do your bit for the environment whilst saving a bit extra too.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve tried switching with PEC before, what’s new about this service?

We have had a switching service since our formation in 2013. Many people used this service, however the tariff comparison was not instantaneous and users had to wait to receive offers. As a result of customer feedback, we have developed a new switching service, in partnership with My Utility Genius and energyhelpline, which is faster and more straightforward for people to access. My Utility Genius provide our online switching service and energyhelpline provide our telephone switching service. Give it a try and find out instantly what you can save. You are not under any obligation to switch and therefore have nothing to lose.

Who are energyhelpine? Tell me more about their service.

energyhelpline is an Ofgem accredited, independent price comparison service which provides customers with fast, free and friendly advice on their best gas and electricity deal. Every month they help thousands of households and businesses to find better energy packages and pay lower bills.

Who are My Utility Genius? Tell me more about their service.

MyUtilityGenius are an ethical energy broker, who Plymouth Energy Community have partnered with to provide an online switching service.

Are you an energy supplier?

Plymouth Energy Community is not an energy supplier and neither is MyUtilityGenius or energyhelpine - together we provide a tariff comparison service, to help you find the right energy supplier. When you do switch, the contract is between you and the new supplier. Plymouth Energy Community, energyhelpine and MyUtilityGenius are not parties to the contract and we will not have any responsibility for any loss you suffer because you sign a new contract.

What information will I need to compare my current tariffs with alternatives?

You will to know the following: who your gas and/or electricity provider is, what your current tariff is, your average usage of electricity/gas (£ or kW/h). All of this information can be found on your current electricity/gas bill or summary.

What if I don't know my energy usage?

If you can’t find a bill or have just moved house. Our partners use an estimation tool which gives an accurate estimate based on the type of house, number of rooms and number of occupants.

How long will it take me to switch?

After you complete your switch, your new supplier will inform you of the date when they will take over the supply. Currently, it is usually around two to three weeks after a cooling off period. So just 30 minutes on the phone and then sit back and wait for the switch to take place.

I am on a pre-payment meter, can I still switch?

Yes you can, although you will probably have to switch to another prepayment tariff.

What if I don’t want to pay with a key or card anymore?

If you want to change from a card or key meter to one where you can pay by direct debit, cheque or cash, you should speak to your current energy supplier. There is usually a charge for this service and the change can’t usually be made if there is a debt on your meter. Unfortunately Plymouth Energy Community can’t change your meter, but in future we hope to be able to help our members pay off debts to energy suppliers so that they can change their meters or switch if they want to.

Am I agreeing to switch energy supplier when I fill in my details?

No, you are not agreeing to switch when you submit your details - all you are doing is giving us information so we can find the deals which suit you best and tell you about them.

What happens to the information I have given you?

Plymouth Energy Community, energyhelpine and MyUtilityGenius will keep all the information you have given, including personal data, private and secure. We share some of it with energy suppliers, to find the best deals for you, including your postcode and meter details - but we don’t pass on your name, street address or other contact details until you have agreed to switch to a new deal. Your personal data will not be passed to anyone except that new supplier. Please contact us if you would like a copy of our privacy policy.

I submitted information on behalf of someone else. Is that OK?

It is best if the information is filled in by the person named on the bills, but we understand that sometimes this is not possible. If you are submitting information on behalf of someone else you must be sure they understand and agree to you doing so and agree to you giving all the information required. Their authorisation will be required to agree to the final switch.

How do I find the cheapest tariff for me?

energyhelpine and MyUtilityGenius comparison services look at all of the main suppliers and their tariffs, so it's quick and easy to search for a good energy deal. They are also accredited by the Ofgem Confidence Code, which means you can be sure the information is accurate, up-to-date and independent. If you are switching online, On the last page, click ‘See results’ to see your offers from all suppliers. When you see the list of results, the ones which say “Review Only” are not available from us, but you can go directly to the supplier website to switch to it.

Will my energy supply be disrupted when I switch?

No. It's a simple procedure that does not require any new plumbing or re-wiring. All you will notice are cheaper bills.

Can I switch more than once?

You can switch as often as you like, just remember to consider termination fees.

What if I change my mind?

If you change your mind within 14 days you can cancel the switch without penalty, this is known as the cooling off period.

I’ve decided on the tariff for me, what happens next?

When you have chosen a tariff, you'll be asked for further details. You will then be given a switching date, and the new supplier will ask for meter readings in order to calculate your bills. The readings will also be passed on to the old supplier so that you can settle any outstanding debts.

Who do I call if I have any problems?

Please call us on 01752 477117.

Will I lose my home-care agreement if I switch?

No you don’t, this agreement is completely separate to your supply contract. Suppliers cannot dictate that home-care agreements will be invalid if you choose to switch supplier. If you speak to a supplier and they state that your home-care will be invalid if you switch, make a note and tell someone, give us a call or inform OFGEM.

I am on a fixed term deal with my supplier, will I be charged to come out of it early?

If you are on a fixed term tariff with your supplier, you can switch without any charge up-to 49 days before the end of your deal. Check your tariff details, some fixed price deals don’t have an early exit fee and for those that do, the savings made by switching can often outweigh the fee for exiting a bad deal early.

Will I get a better deal if I speak directly with suppliers?

energyhelpine and MyUtilityGenius are able to compare most of the tariffs on the market. These tariffs are exactly the same as you’d get from the supplier directly.

Although I am not happy with the amount I am spending on my bills I haven’t had any problems. Will I get the same service with a newer company that I haven’t heard of?

Its great that you haven’t had problems with your supplier. However, customer service reviews show that the smaller companies have equally good customer service compared to the larger, well known companies, and sometimes far exceed them.

If I switch to a new supplier, how likely are they to put the price up?

If you switch to a fixed price deal, then the unit price you pay is guaranteed to the end of the contract term. Even if you don’t switch to a fixed term deal, your supplier still needs to inform you in advance in writing of any changes to your tariff.

Is it possible to fix my energy prices?

Yes, you will be shown a number of fixed tariffs, which can be cheaper than variable deals. If you want to protect against future energy price hikes then these are a good option. The flip side of this is that if you are on a fixed deal, you will not benefit from any price drops. Also consider termination fees if you want to switch to a different tariff before the fix expires.

If I get electricity and gas from the same supplier is it cheaper?

Many suppliers offer ‘dual fuel’ discounts. This encourages people to purchase gas and electricity from the same supplier. It does make the price lower than the cost of buying individual tariffs from the same provide BUT it is important to compare these deals against the price of getting electricity from one supplier and gas from another. Also this means that you will have two suppliers and two bills.

I am in credit with my old supplier, will I lose that money?

Any credit should be refunded to your account when you switch. Make sure that you receive this payment and chase it up if necessary.

Can I switch if I rent my property?

If you pay your bills directly to the supplier then yes you can. If you pay your landlord for your energy then you will need to seek their agreement.

Can I switch if I am in debt to my current supplier?

If you have a pre-payment meter, you can switch as long as the debt is less than £500. If you pay by cheque, cash or direct debit, it depends on the supplier and you should contact them for more details

I have an Economy 7 tariff, can I switch?

If you have Economy 7, this means that you pay two different rates for your electricity and have a special two-rate meter. Most of the big suppliers offer Economy 7 tariffs and you can switch from one to the other. Economy 7 works best if you have night storage heaters because the night rate is much lower than the day rate. If you want to switch to a standard tariff, it is likely that you will need to have the meter replaced.

Do I have to pay to switch?

Check your current tariff details (on your bill or supplier’s website). This will state whether your current tariff incurs a termination fee. You may have to pay a fee if you want to switch before the end of a fixed-term contract. Suppliers usually charge a termination fee for each type of fuel. The savings made from switching may far outweigh the cost of termination fee. You might also be able to avoid the fee if you are coming to the end of a fixed-term contract. Energy firms must give between 42 and 49 days' notice of the end of the contract and, if you decide to switch after receiving notice, there should be no termination charge.

Does paying by direct debit save me more money?

Yes, managing your account online and paying by monthly direct debit is usually the cheapest way to obtain your energy. Paying by direct debit rather than by quarter or pre-payment could save you a significant amount.