Is your fuel bill causing you to worry? Is your home suffering from draughty hallways or heating that’s difficult to control? If these things sound familiar, then you need our Energy Team. We can talk to you about our free home visit service.

About the team

The Energy Team is made up of volunteers who are fully trained to seek out the things that are sapping your home’s energy and pushing up bills. By visiting you in the place you live, our small team can see the problems you face first hand and advise on the best solutions.

Things we can help with:
  • Draught exclusion
  • Supplier switching
  • Energy efficient lighting
  • Deciphering fuel bills
  • Reading meters
  • Advice on damp
  • Improving ventilation
  • Using night storage heaters
  • Energy saving tips
  • Contacts for grants and further advice

How do I request a visit?

If you would like an Energy Team home visit then please register your interest by emailing or call us on 01752 477117.

Want to be part of the team? Visit our volunteering page now to see the many ways you can help us achieve our aims.

The Energy Team in action (by Jake, PEC Energy Team):

Mr K from Plympton contacted us directly after he saw an information postcard for our Fuel Debt service. An Advisor guided him to the Home Energy Team as although he didn’t have fuel debt but he did need help. Mr K was struggling to create an account with his new supplier after moving into his property in the way that he would like – by post. His main worry was that he might receive a large bill for the months that he was unable to pay due to the lack of an account. After many letters sent by recorded delivery, he asked PEC to see what we could do. We arranged a free home energy visit to find out more.

On arriving at Mr K’s home, we could see how anxious he was about his situation and how infuriating he was finding it. We asked Mr K for permission to act as his advocate and contact the energy company for him to resolve the issues. Over the next week, we set up an account in his name and gave up to date meter readings to the company so that he would be able to clear his balance.

Once Mr K had paid, we helped him switch suppliers as he no longer had trust in their customer services. He saved £61 pa on a new, lower tariff. As Mr K is a pensioner, we made sure that his new supplier offered the Warm Home Discount (WHD) scheme – which gives a payment of £140 toward electricity bills. We helped him apply and he was successful.

In total, the Energy Team saved Mr K £201 pa and is now working with him to send through the meter readings until he feels confident and knowledgeable enough to manage his new supplier himself.