If you’re considering insulation as a way to help you save money and energy in your home, read on to find out more about the difference it can make to your property.

A well-insulated home:

  • Stays warmer for longer, stopping heat from escaping from your walls or loft space
  • Keeps the heat in during the winter and the warmth out during the summer
  • Takes less time to warm up
  • Improves the external appearance of your home if you have external wall insulation
  • Can help save you up to £490 a year* on your energy bills

Plymouth home before and after external wall insulation (can’t believe its the same house? it is promise!)

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*Example based on a detached home with gas heating. Source: www.energysavingstrust.org.uk/energy-savingassumptions, September 2013. Actual savings depend on individual circumstances.