We're mobilising our volunteer 'Energy Team' & we need you!

Plymouth has been chosen as one of seven UK cities to pioneer a project first developed in New York. Launched through the Cities of Service fund, ‘Our Plymouth’ is an initiative to get people helping people by mobilising volunteers. There are two focus areas, one addressing food and healthy eating in the city and one addressing fuel poverty and energy efficiency.

This is were we come in! We have been chosen to deliver the energy focus of the project. As a volunteer you will become part of our new ‘Energy Team’. This is a fantastic opportunity to meet new people, to gain energy efficiency knowledge through training tailor-made to meet PEC’s aims, and to gain experience working for a successful and dynamic community-benefit organisation. Most of all, you will be able to help friends, relatives and neighbours in your community save money, save energy and be warmer and healthier.

Our new ‘Energy Team’ will visit households in Plymouth and give them an ‘energy makeover’ which will include advice on how to switch energy providers and other services that we provide, what schemes are available to help with insulation and other energy improvement measures or simple changes such as draught proofing and the most efficient settings for electrical appliances.

There will also be opportunities to volunteer in other ways through providing specific skills to the co-operative or becoming a workplace champion.

Please contact us to register your interest, we will let you know when the volunteer and training programme is confirmed.

For further information, please visit our volunteer page

Read the full article about the project featured in the Plymouth Herald here

Visit the ‘Our Plymouth Project’ website to see all of the volunteering opportunities.

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