Stay warm in the snow!

Due to the extreme weather conditions, please be aware that our team have cancelled home visits scheduled for Thursday 1st and Friday 2nd March. Most of our team are working remotely and therefore we are operating on reduced help and support services.

As the city adjusts to being blanketed in snow and braces itself against Storm Emma, here are a few tips to stay warm in your home:

  • Be prepared for a power cut, Western Power Distribution have some great, clear guidance for what to do. Click here.
  • If you are of pensionable age, suffer from long-term ill health, are registered disabled or have a hearing / visual impairment, then you should be eligible for the Priority Services Register, this gives you extra help and services in an emergency. Click here now for more information.
  • Shut the door to un-used rooms – focus your heating on the ones that you are in
  • Turn up your radiator dial on the boiler
  • Look out for older or lone neighbours
  • Draw your curtains to keep heat in
  • Move furniture away from radiators
  • Check your fuel levels – if you are running out, can’t access more and are at risk of being without – if its safe to go out, huddle together, join others!
  • Put on extra layers – especially hats, gloves and slippers!
  • Use hot water bottles
  • Drink warm drinks, be warm from the inside
  • Don’t worry about the mess! Bring blankets into your living room
  • Check for draughts, put towels or blankets over them as a quick fix

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