Plymouth City Council votes to declare climate emergency!

We are really pleased to see that Plymouth City Council debated and UNANIMOUSLY voted to pass a motion to declare climate emergency. There were many heart-felt speeches from Councillors and many commented that they had never received so much contact from the public on a matter in their entire term. This was a wonderful opportunity for people to get involved in local politics that have global implications!

‘Climate Emergency’ is an internationally recognised declaration to publicly declare concern over the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) findings which recognise the adverse global impact of the changing climate. The declaration also serves as a commitment to take urgent action and aspire towards carbon neutrality. It is a powerful call to action that engages the entire community; it’s not just about the practical actions that a Council might take. Over 40 UK Councils have declared already and more are declaring each week.

Read more on climate emergency and see which Councils have already declared on the Climate Emergency website

Read the full motion here

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