Cold Realities exhibition goes national

As part of our ‘Taking the Power Back’ event in November 2017 and funded by our Big Lottery Warm and Well project, we commissioned local social enterprise, Fotonow, to take photos of people that we help. Its difficult to explain fuel poverty if you have never experienced it and we all know that pictures speak louder than words.

The outcome was breathtaking and really hits the message home. It’s miserable, it’s cold, it’s life affecting. It’s poverty of hope. It’s about making impossible choices like heating or eating. It’s unjust and it’s totally unnecessary.

The reality in Plymouth is that:

  • 15,000 households in fuel poverty
  • 60% containing disability
  • Excess cold and damp
  • Worsening physical and mental health
  • Substandard privately rented homes
  • Too many incidents of poor housing association stock
  • An inability to afford repairs
  • High levels of fuel debt

Following the event in November, we had the images printed onto bamboo banners and took them to the Fuel Poverty Conference in London in December. Several other organisations approached us to seek collaboration in getting the images seen by a wider audience.

At the end of January, we provided afternoon tea for the full Plymouth Council and invited them to see the exhibition. The exhibition really drives home the problem the vulnerable people in our city face. No ward is left untouched by fuel poverty.

We hope to take the exhibition far and wide, if you know of any event or organisation that would like us to bring our exhibition along to, please contact us now.

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