Advice for Spark & Extra Energy customers

Recently, energy suppliers Spark and Extra energy have both ceased trading due to financial difficulties. This will see approximately 400,000 customers affected, far more than in previous supplier insolvencies. In the case of Extra Energy it has been announced that Scottish Power will take on responsibility for their customers and it has been confirmed that OVO Energy will take on Spark customers.

If your supplier has ceased trading, the company taking over will need time to get systems in order. As soon as possible, they will issue a closing bill for your account with your previous supplier, you should take a meter reading as soon as possible and provide this to the new supplier when they ask for it to make sure this is accurate. If you pay with a key or card, keep using your existing top up device until the new supplier sends you a replacement. Your new supplier does not have to honour your contracted rates and may put you onto a ‘deemed’ tariff which are usually expensive. So although you should not try to switch your supplier before your closing bill is generated, once you have this we would encourage looking for a better deal. You can use the guidance on our factsheet to switch your supplier or give us a call on 01752 477117 and we can help.

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