Well done Energy Team! 500 home visits in Devonport, Ham & St Budeaux...

Our Energy Team Advisors, currently helping residents through a project in Devonport, Ham and St Budeaux, have just passed 500 home visits…in less than a year!

Thanks to the EU Intereg NWE Climate Active Neighbourhoods project, our Energy Team have already visited 500 homes, providing bespoke advice and installing small energy saving measures. They have had well over 1000 hours of quality, life-changing conversation with householders in privately owned or privately rented homes, saved them over £1.1m of lifetime savings and a staggering 4,532 tonnes of CO2 (the equivalent to each home’s car use for three years!).

Each home is now an average of £283 better off each year and some of the more vulnerable households now have thousands of extra disposable income as a result of their visit. The team have installed over 7000 lightbulbs and enough draught proofing strip to run around the perimeter of Home Park football pitch 3 times!

At each home visit, the advisors provide the best help for each resident to save energy and money as well as installing free improvements such as LED lightbulbs, draught excluders, hot water cylinder jackets, heating controls and energy monitors. They can help switch energy suppliers, check for benefits or grants entitlement and so much more. They are also available to chat to people at meetings, special interest groups or community events.

Although initially the aims of the visit are energy focused, an in-depth home visit coupled with compassionate conversation generally uncovers other problems that require support and the advisors connect householders with the help they need. We have over 40 different agencies forming the team’s referral network, ensuring that no problem goes un-addressed and everyone is helped.

‘They’ve made my life much better. I was in a sorry state and if it wasn’t for them I don’t know where I’d be today.’ Plymouth resident after a visit from the Energy Team.

This personalised approach also encourages everyone to have an otherwise absent conversation about energy. Our advisors chat about the work that we do and the wider community energy movement, offering residents the opportunity to become members. Many have even been inspired to join our PEC Pals volunteer training programme (starting again soon, click here for more information) to get involved further. This project is ultimately empowering our community to be part of creating a fair, affordable, low-carbon energy system with local people at its heart.

This expansion of our Energy Team and the holistic help that can now be offered has been made possible by a contract with Plymouth City Council to deliver their EU Intereg NWE funded Climate Active Neighbourhoods Project. CAN aims to reduce carbon emissions from domestic properties in deprived neighbourhoods across North West Europe by increasing the capacity of partner cities to implement their low-carbon strategies more effectively using a “neighbourhood approach”. Bottom up and grass roots engagement strategies, allied with innovative financing schemes stimulate the process. We aim to reach 1000 households in total.

For further information, please visit the Energy Team page or call 01752 477117 to book your visit now!

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