Please note that due to unprecedented demand we are not currently able to take on fuel debt referrals.

If you are in immediate need, you might be able to apply to the British Gas Energy Trust, which accepts applications from members of the public. Please follow this link for more details British Gas Energy Trust

We have four full-time energy advisors available to provide free, impartial and confidential advice. Our advisors are fully trained in energy efficiency awareness so that they can help you use less energy and save money in the future.

Total debt cleared to date (9th of February 2017):


A key part of our service is to ensure that you have a clear and manageable plan to avoid fuel debt in the future.

How we help

There are many reasons that cause any of us to get into fuel debt, a change of circumstances can take control out of your hands, here are some examples of situations that Plymouth residents have found themselves in and how we have been able to help:

Changing circumstance

I had been paying my bills just fine and everything was up to date but then I lost my job due to sickness. It took a long time to get my benefits set up and during this time, I found it really difficult to try to stay on top of paying for things. I fell behind with a lot of my bills including my rent, water, gas and electricity and by the time my benefits got sorted the debt was more than I could afford to pay off myself. I was getting really worried about this until I heard that Plymouth Energy Community could help with speaking to my supplier and getting the debt cleared as well as getting me help with the other things too.

Unexpected responsibility for shared debt

I thought my partner had been paying our gas and electricity bills but when we split up, I found out that they hadn’t been paying anything at all for months and that there was a big debt that built up that was in my name. I am left in the property but cannot afford to pay off the debt and have been really panicking because of the letters from my supplier and debt collectors. Thankfully PEC have helped me to clear my debt and now I feel more in control of my situation.

New house, new supplier, wrong direct debit

When I moved house, I was told by my new supplier to set up a direct debit for a set amount every month. I did this because I thought that they knew best about how much I would be using. When I then got a bill months later, I had a debt on the account because the amount they told me to pay wasn’t enough to cover my usage. The bill was based on estimates that I didn’t realise too so when I gave meter readings, this changed the amount too. PEC was able to explain about talking meter readings and why this is important and how to do it and they helped with getting the debt cleared too.


As outlined above please note that due to unprecedented demand we are not currently able to take on fuel debt referrals.

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Pre-appointment preparation

If you have arranged an appointment with one of our advisors, please ensure that you have all of the relevant information to complete an application form, see our CHECK LIST for further details.


Come and find us at a range of community events around the city, please see our events section for further details.


As outlined above please note that due to unprecedented demand we are not currently able to take on fuel debt referrals.
If you work for an advice agency and would like to refer a client to our Fuel Debt Advice Service, please complete this referral form and return it to us either by post or email (details on form).


‘Life changing service for someone like me who worried about debt when I became in receipt of benefits after being ill. Excellent service.’

‘Fantastic help – so understanding and caring. Thank you so much I was very distressed…thanks to you my life has been made easier. I can’t thank you enough’

‘I was listened to and supported with care and respect right through to a happy conclusion. The service and individual dealing with {me} enabled me to sleep at night. Thank you’