If you would like to join Plymouth Energy Community, please ensure that you read the following membership policy:

1. Membership Criteria

Membership is voluntary and open to residents, businesses, voluntary organisations, housing associations and institutions of Plymouth and the nearby areas. Whilst it is intended that the priority is to serve Plymouth, it is also open to any other individuals and organisations that support the aims of Plymouth Energy Community.

2. Members’ role and responsibilities

Each member has a voting right and with that right come certain responsibilities:
a) Members need to understand and support the aims of Plymouth Energy Community.
b) Members have the right to vote for the Directors at the Annual General Meeting.
c) Members support co-operative values and principles

3. Application to become a member

The key points from the Rules are:
a) Members must be 16 years or older.
b) Members must complete an application for membership. The application form must be approved by the Directors and the Directors must approve each application for membership. Directors can choose to delegate this responsibility.
c) A corporate body which is a Member shall by resolution of its governing body appoint a representative. Each corporate body Member shall notify in writing to the Society the name of the representative.

4. Terminating membership

Membership can be terminated by the member should they wish to do so or by the Society under certain circumstances listed in the Rules. From time to time the Society may undertake exercises to actively confirm that members listed do wish to continue their membership. Should there be no response from the member within 3 months of that communication; the Society may deem that membership to be terminated.

5. Expulsion from Membership

A Member may be expelled for conduct prejudicial to the Society (refer to the Code of Conduct). The process for expulsion is provided in the Rules.

6. Cost of membership

a. The cost of a share in PEC is £1. The minimum shareholding of a member is one share. PEC will endeavour to fund this through other sources and not charge the member. If the member has not paid the £1 fee, the share is not considered withdrawable and there is no refund to the member on termination of their membership.
b. Membership does not need regular renewal.

7. Register of Members

In accordance with the Rules, members’ details will be held in a register. The Members’ register will be held in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

8. Membership engagement

a. Everyone who applies to join Plymouth Energy Community will be given a clear explanation of what Plymouth Energy Community is, and what membership means.
b. All new members will be welcomed to PEC by appropriate means of communication; they will be given a copy of the Rules.
c. Members will be offered a wide range of activities to be involved in Plymouth Energy Community including attending General meetings, events and other volunteering opportunities.
d. Where people engage with a Plymouth Energy Community service or activity, they may also be invited to join to become a member, with an opportunity to decline if they wish.

9. Membership Communications

a. Plymouth Energy Community recognises that not all members will have access to the internet and PEC will work in partnership with other community organisations, housing associations, businesses and other third parties to ensure regular communications are maintained with members. If an email address is given, electronic communication consent will be assumed, unless a member indicates otherwise. Notification of General meetings will be by post to individual addresses where email details are not held.
b. In accordance with Plymouth Energy Community’s Rules, values and principles, membership information will also be provided in an alternative, appropriate form to anyone who requests it. Hard copies of all documents are available on request. All documents will be available online.

If you share our values and want to help change Plymouth’s energy future, please join us. Register with us today – it’s free of charge.

Last updated – 23 July 2014