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The purpose of this page is to provide relevant information for existing PEC Pals. If there is anything that you would like us to post on here, please let us know (email or call 01752 477117).

Training session presentations and links

Session 1: Welcome & pledge workshop
Download welcome presentation Presentation about the challenge of climate change and our energy system, the role of community energy and the story of Plymouth Energy Community.

Session 2: Energy efficiency & fuel poverty awareness
Download ‘Fuel poverty first aid (Fill your CUP)’ presentation
Download ‘An energy efficient home’ presentation

Session 3: Equality and diversity and community awareness (Zebra)
Download ‘Equality & inclusion’ presentation

Session 4: Dementia Awareness (Memory Matters)

Session 5: Managing conflict (Zebra)
Download ‘Assertiveness’ notes
Download ‘Brad McRae’ notes
Download ‘Debriefing after an incident’ notes
Download ‘General Managing conflict’ notes

Session 6: Mental Health Awareness (MIND Plymouth)
Download Mental health awareness presentation

Session 7: Switching suppliers workshop

Session 8: Art & energy (Chloe Uden)

Contact and administration

Join our closed Facebook group “PEC Pals” here.

Download the PEC Pals registration form here

Keep in contact!

or call 01752 477117


Our PEC Pals come from a wide range of background and organisations. Here are a few of them!

South West Water
Trading Standards Plymouth
Plymouth Foodbank
Stonehouse Action
WARM: Low Energy Building Practise
The Plymouth Athenaeum
South Dartmoor Community Energy

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