We want to see more renewable energy generated in Plymouth and we want local people to own it!

Energy spend is a challenge for Plymouth’s industries, businesses, community organisations and households. Fuel poverty is a serious issue affecting over 15,000 (13.4%) of the city’s households. By harnessing the value of our local renewable resources we can reduce residents and businesses bills; keep more spend local, protect jobs, and reduce carbon emissions.

In 2014, we set up PEC Renewables, to fund, build and manage renewable energy installations and allow collective local ownership. PEC Renewables is another Community Benefit Society whose community purpose is to support PEC.

We are developing a range of services that will encourage more local generation, and started by helping local schools and businesses to have solar panels installed for free. This progressed to a 4.1MW ground-mounted solar array and we are currently investigating biomass opportunities.

In 2014, our Members collectively set a target of enough locally owned renewable energy to power over 1100 homes in 5 years. In two years, we have beaten that target.

Our award-winning projects leave a permanent and positive legacy, with a clear message about our community’s aspirations for its future.

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