Plymouth Energy Community Annual General Meeting 2015

On Wednesday 11 November 2015, we held our second Annual General Meetings for both Plymouth Energy Community and PEC Renewables in Plymouth. There was an encouraging turnout and a huge thank-you to all of those members who participated.

PEC’s Chairman, Tim Sydenham started proceedings with a presentation celebrating PEC’s achievements over the last year, current projects and aspirations for the future. View the presentation here.

Members officially received the Directors’ report and Audited Financial statements for the year ended 30th June 2015. Bromhead Chartered Accountants were reappointed as the auditors of the company for the ensuing year and directors were authorised to set their remuneration. Two Directors were elected to join PECs Board by show of hands in accordance with the election policy:

Christopher Moysey

I have lived in Plymouth for 25 years, currently working for Plymouth Community Homes as an Assistant Housing Officer. Over the last 18 months, I have been helping to deliver PCH’s Solar Panel project by being the main point of contact for residents. This involved making home visits and explaining how to get the most out of their panels. To date we have achieved this for over 2,500 homes city wide. I have developed a strong working knowledge of renewable energy, and empowered tenants to reduce their bills.

I joined PEC as a volunteer in early 2015 and have been actively working to promote PECs values ever since. I am proud to be working with colleagues and other stakeholders and users citywide, I feel that I can bring the skills and experience I have gained both through my professional and voluntary work to the board.

I am extremely customer focused, dedicated and experienced in developing effective relationships. I would work to raise awareness and develop relationships with the local community to further empower Plymothians to help mould and shape our energy future.

Chris was nominated at the 2015 Volunteer awards for volunteer of the year and Cities of Service awards.

Tracey Sherston

I have served on the PEC Board as an independent Director and the PEC Renewables Board as a representative of Plymouth Community Homes since July 2014 and was officially elected at the AGM in November 2014. I feel as an independent Board Director I can contribute to the aims of PEC through my experience as a Senior Manager of finance at Plymouth Community Homes. I am able to bring strong financial knowledge and skills to the Board, supporting PEC in ensuring that both value for money and financially security are maintained. I have over 15 years of finance experience in both the public and private sectors. I have an interest in supporting PEC to enable Plymouth to become more environmentally sustainable and I am an advocate of the positive impact this brings to the community, both environmentally and financially.

During the subsequent question and answer session, the following topics were raised:

Do PEC’s services extend out of Plymouth? (i.e. Cornwall)

PEC’s core mission is to help Plymouth residents and we do not want to step on the toes of other Community Energy groups in the southwest, however we are open to reaching further afield. Our fuel debt advice service currently covers Devon and Cornwall, our home energy team have been working with retired servicemen in Torpoint and we are starting to explore renewable energy generation outside of the city’s boundary. If you have any suggestions for developing partnerships further afield, please contact us.

I receive a lot of paperwork from PEC, is this necessary?

We encourage as many of our members as possible to save on paper and postage and to receive correspondence by email, however for some this is not possible. Whilst some documentation is required by the laws governing our Community Benefit Society, we also aim to include ALL members in the opportunities available to them.

AGM Documentation