Fuel Debt Advice Service clears £1000 energy debt in less than 2 months!

Our Fuel Debt Advisors have been busy! They’ve been racing all over the city, spreading the word that people struggling with debt on their electricity and gas bills can apply for grants to clear their debt and help them back on their feet. Our Advisors then hold a confidential appointment with eligible residents and help them to complete the relevant forms.

In less than 2 months, over £1000 of debt has been cleared. This service really is fighting fuel poverty in Plymouth on the front line.

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New fuel debt advice service helps Plymouth residents clear energy debt

Our new fuel debt advice service is now up and running. The service provides free, impartial and confidential advice to Plymouth residents who are in arrears with their energy bills.

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Plymouth Energy Community Set to Launch New Fuel Debt Advice Service

Plymouth Energy Community is to launch a new fuel debt advice service in the coming spring. The service will fund two full-time fuel debt advisors to help clients in arrears with their utility bills.

Our two full-time fuel debt advisors will be on hand to help people cope with debts and will offer advice on how to be more energy efficient.

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