The future of community renewables in Plymouth

In December 2015, the UK government signed a historic global agreement to combat climate change. Disappointingly at the same time they made drastic policy changes to the financial support mechanisms for the renewable energy industry and community energy groups, making continuation of our work using our current model very difficult. For further information on these changes, please click here.

Regardless, we aim to enable at least 5MW of local renewable energy installations by 2019; 5.2MW of potential solar projects have already been identified along with 750kW of biomass heating solutions for schools.

Our ground-mounted scheme and our portfolio of pre-accredited roofs give us a pipeline of projects for 2016 and allow us breathing space to watch how the market changes in relation to removal of subsidies. We aim to develop offers in relation to:

  • biomass boilers in schools
  • LED lighting
  • New storage and power-purchase arrangements
  • Local energy supply

We are currently pursuing feasibility works in all of the above.

Business development work will continue, but will need to respond to the challenges and opportunities presented by the policy changes and diversify income lines away from just generation.

If you would like to discuss future community renewable energy plans with us, please email now.