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Are you a school in Plymouth? Or a public organisation?
Are you interested to save money on your energy bills but don’t have time to spend on capital projects?

If that is the case, please get in touch with us!

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What We Offer…

We have started to work with schools and other public buildings who want to upgrade their lighting with energy efficient LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) to save money and Carbon Emissions.

We appreciate that most schools struggle to spend time on energy related issues which are outside the curriculum. We therefore provide you with all the help you need to get LEDs installed in your school/public organisation, requiring little time commitment from staff.

The first two schools to benefit are Yealmpstone Farm Primary and Dunstone Primary who have participated in our pilot and had their lighting completely replaced with smart new LED fittings and bulbs.

Have a look at our short video about the work we did at Dunstone Primary School and their experience with us:

LED lights offer three main benefits:

  • They are much cheaper to run because they use up to 80% less electricity
  • They are cheaper to maintain because the bulbs last a lot longer and need replacing much less often
  • The light they produce is consistent, bright and fresh, creating an improved learning environment

Old light fittings out and shiny new LEDs in; making a difference at Yealmstone Farm Primary School

We are working with local installers and electrical engineers to ensure a safe installation and good design. The lighting replacement is being funded by a 0% interest government-backed loan which will be repaid according to the savings made by each site. This means the schools pay no upfront costs and can usually repay the loan within 3-6 years – and start benefiting from up to £5,000 electricity bill savings per year.

If you know a school or community building which you think could benefit – get in touch! Call 01752 477117 or email

Find out more about how efficient lighting can benefit your home on the Energy Saving Trust’s website.