Are you a school or a public organisation in Plymouth wanting to save money on your energy bills?

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What we offer…

We work with schools and other public buildings who want to upgrade their lighting with energy efficient LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) to save money and carbon emissions.

We appreciate that most schools struggle to spend time on energy related issues which are outside the curriculum. We provide you with all the help you need to get LEDs installed in your school/public organisation, requiring little time commitment from your staff.

We can provide your school or public organisation with:

  • 0% interest loans for 100% of project costs
  • Access to grants to pay for up to £5000 of the project
  • Three quotes from local installers
  • Support with assessing quotes
  • Installer contracts
  • Installation outside of school opening hours (for example, school holidays)
  • 5 year warranties

What we have done so far….

We have already worked with several schools and organisations including Dunstone, Mary Dean, Yealmpstone, Millford and Mount Edgcumbe House to replace their old lighting systems with smart new LED fittings and bulbs. We already have several new sites ready to go in 2018 and we are keen to increase this number further.

Have a look at our short video about how we have helped Dunstone Primary School:

Benefits of LED lighting

Reduce Energy Costs

LED lighting reduces the lighting portion of your bill by up to 70% as they require a much lower wattage to function in comparison to traditional lighting systems.

Reduced Maintenance

LED lights have a much lower failure rate and warranties of 5 years. Additionally they don’t require ballasts, so save you time and money.

Payback period of 3 – 5 years

Typically LED retrofits pay for themselves within 5 years, with 18-40% returns within 10 years.

Reduces energy consumption

Reduces consumption by up to 70%, drastically cutting your carbon emissions.

Ecologically friendly

LEDs are made from non-toxic materials and give off less heat.

Better Quality Lighting

LEDs offer higher quality lighting that has been shown to reduce headaches and improve productivity, creating an improved learning environment.